For Marinas


We love you! You’ve sent us so much business, and we’re incredibly grateful for that. In an effort to make your jobs a smidge easier, we’re promoting Dinghy Roundups. Schedule a date, and Offshore’s crew will head to your location to haul off trashed boats, as well as boats your guests would like to have repaired but haven’t previously made arrangements for. We understand that many of your patrons are from out of town, and are loathe to spend their weekends dealing with repair issues. We also understand that your establishments can’t stand having filthy and damaged dinghies marring an otherwise beautiful setting. Simply contact your “problem children” to let them know they need to take action, call us to be put on our schedule, and we’ll make as many trips as necessary to get those pesky eyesores outta there for you.
Blackbeard Sailing Club held a dinghy roundup in 2017. They served barbeque, shared laughs, and worked together to clean up their facility. The event was a major success!